The 5 Minute FTP Wizardry Tutorial

by George | Monday, Jan 26, 2015 | 103 views

The sole purpose of this article is to take a total newbie to be able to upload files to your Web hosting account within five minutes.

Now of course there are plenty to learn than basic skills covered in this article but you learn will allow you to upload files quickly and easily, there is a Web site running within minutes.

So let’s get the Web site on the Internet …

1) get some FTP software to upload files from your computer to your home for your website hosting account so everyone can see them by visiting your Web site, you will need some FTP software. FTP stands for file transfer protocol, is the simple name of the uploading process.

Some Web hosting control panels come with FTP software is built so you need to check it first of all as you may need to download new software.

Otherwise there are pieces of free or low-cost software FTP available they are all very simple to use.

There are several options: in my opinion all these pieces of sftware are very similar so you can select one of them you can find the easiest to use.

I personally use SmartFTP, have for several years with great success.

Download and install the software on your home computer, and then we are ready to accept your file upload.

2) enter your Web hosting to open the software, enter your location, your user name and password for FTP access or email that is hosting your site send you welcome when you open your account or Web host’s control panel.

Usually you can enter these details at the top of the FTP software when you open this software then save these details for future reference so only have to enter them once.

After you enter these details into the FTP software, click Connect, and wait to see him make a connection to your server administrator.

It should be so in a few seconds, but if you do not return the correct information, carefully enter the FTP. Your FTP details may be different for details of how to log on to the Control Panel, etc. I have several sets of username/password is not unusual for new users to enter the incorrect information.

3 leaf parameters) if change your FTP Passive mode ‘, has to turn it off.

Then find the section where you choose whether to upload files in ASCII or binary format, and select the “auto” or “auto” function so you don’t have to worry about learning which file types should be charged in which.

4) upload your files, you are ready to go now.

Select the files on your home computer to your hosting account to, select this option to upload them now.

You can choose to upload them one at a time, or select an entire row of files by holding down your shift key ‘ or ‘ control ‘ and a number of different Web pages.

You should see a progress report from your FTP as it loads each file one at a time.

Furthermore, as they are fully loaded into your Web hosting account should see them appear on the right side of the software, along with their file size.

Please note that each file shows zero-sized file, it seems to be corrupted during upload, you’ll need to upload another copy to ensure that it is working properly.

5 final check of your site) and finally with your Web browser (such as Internet Explorer), check to make sure all your files are as they should be.

Incase of any problems, just follow the procedure again incase your files have corrupted the upload process (which happens from time to time).

6) work to do!

Congratulations, now you know the basics of how to use FTP software to upload files to a Web page from your home to your Web hosting account!

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