How to Use Winamp to Manage Your iPod

Mi-iPod-con-vídeo-9There are many people out there that do not like iTunes, and so this tutorial will teach you how to use your iPod with Winamp.





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Download and install Winamp.


Download and install ml_ipod[1]


Format your iPod using the iPod update program.


Add music to your Winamp Library and then right click and send it to your iPod using ml_ipod. ml_ipod’s preferences can be changed by going to plugins > General

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  1. Backup your music beforehand.
  2. Although you don’t have to uninstall iTunes, it is recommended.


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  1. You have to format your iPod or else this will not work.
  2. Once you start using Winamp, your iPod will not work with iTunes anymore.
  3. The new iPod Classics and Nanos (3G) have had a special code built in that attempts to block any syncing with players other than iTunes. It is not known if Winamp has managed to get around this.
  4. The new iPod Nano (4G) Works out of the box; install the plug-in, connect the ipod, and Winamp will see it automatically – no need to format anything.


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