How to Upload an Animation in a Signature

animationDid you ever see a cool animation signature on the forums and wanted one too? Here is how to get one.





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[notice type=”support” title=”STEP BY STEP” tag=”h4″]STEP[/notice]


Get an animated .GIF picture off somewhere or convert an avi movie in to one to learn how to convert a movie read this signature (I hope someone puts up a GIF animation maker)


Upload it on a photo sharing website. For example, After you upload it there should be a some boxes with a bunch of text in it,.


Find a URL for forums or website. If there’s none keep reading. If there is one, follow step 5.


Try to find a direct link URL (right click the image and click “View Image”). After you find one, copy the whole URL and go to the forum. At the forum, go to your settings and click Signature and put it in like this: [img] PUT URL IN HERE, the one you used in the Direct Link URL [/img]. If you’re putting this in a website, use <img src=”Blah”>


If you have the URL for forums go to you forum website and click settings click your Signature and paste in your URL click update and your done.





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  1. Try to keep the image size small.
  2. Try to keep the file size small.
  3. The gimp can make nice animated signatures. Tutorials are found on YouTube.



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[notice type=”warning” title=”WARNINGS” tag=”h4″]Don’t over do it and put a huge signature[/notice]




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