How to Make Money Writing Blogs or Editing Wiki Pages

edit blogShowcases steps to make money by editing blogs or wiki pages. One thing for sure: Never give up!








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Join a service to which you wish to contribute (such as sites which have arrangements for ad revenue sharing: e.g., Blogger for blogs. This step may also require a separate registration with the direct provider of ad revenue sharing (e.g., Google Adsense).


Configure your settings or preferences at the content provider to opt in to enable revenue sharing.


Add meaningful content to the blog or wiki. Write for an online audience when you do. Short paragraphs of no more than four or five sentences are best.

  1. Run a spell check on your article. Then reread it to be sure you don’t have mistakes a spell checker can’t catch, like “over hear” for “over here.” Typos can create unintended humor.

  2. Of course that can become your topic if your article is humorous. When you think of something silly, try writing comedy! Readers like funny blogs as well as serious ones.


Keyword your article. If you don’t know what the “keywords” input box at the bottom of your blogger blog or other software is, it’s a way that search engines index your topic. Google has software to help you identify the most-searched keywords for your topic. Choose the most popular keywords that actually fit your topic and use them in descending order.


Monitor your earnings (e.g., at


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  1. Make your content readable and interesting.
  2. Consider that your work on the overall organization of the site may help your pages gain more attention.
  3. Blogging is a S-L-O-W process, and the learning curve can be quite frustrating. The key is to write about things that help others with a problem.



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Do not click on your own ads in the hopes of gaining more money for yourself or you may be disqualified by the ad provider (e.g., Google).


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