How to Make a Laptop/Computer Stand

This article will show you how to make a laptop /251px-Laptop-Stand,-Experiment-1 computer stand from products around the house and garden. This will take about 1 – 4 hours, depending on how calm you are!




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Start of with your poles (These can be to your own length) and glue them to one of your pieces of wood. It will depend on how strong the glue is to dry.


Next, glue the next bit of wood on the the end of the pole and leave to dry. Do the same for 1 more piece of wood.


On the 4th piece of wood, glue it to the back of your stand and leave to dry.


With a pen and something that is round draw two circles and score it with a screwdriver and then cut it out with a wood saw. These holes will allow you to put wires through, if you want to be more creative then you could do square holes.


With a nail file, file the unwanted bits away. If you wish you could paint the stand and leave to dry.

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  1. It can be easier if you just add screws in if you prefer to use them instead of wood glue.
  2. Have fun with this!
  3. Most wood glue is air drying, just watch out!


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