How to Install Photoscape

Photogscap Photoscape is substantially different from most graphics programs you will see. That being said, once you get used to it, you will grow to love its many capabilities. It is a fairly powerful program, especially considering its price tag…0 dollars. Check it out and maybe you will be a convert too.



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Go to the website where you will find Photoscape.


Go to the download page and download it.


Install it. Once you have downloaded it to your computer, double click on it and install it. Photoscape is about 14 megs big. If you have a preferred folder/location for your graphic programs, now is the time to select it.


Look at your various selections that you can do with Photoscape.

  1. Viewer

    Look at your photos.

  2. Editor

    Edit your images.

  3. Batch Editor

    Edit your images in groups.

  4. Page

    Create a page of photographs and images that you want to print

  5. Combine

    Combine your shots into a page with all shots the same size.

  6. AniGif

    Create an animated Gif

  7. Print

    Print your photos.

  8. Splitter

    Split your images into various pieces.

  9. Screen Capture

    Make screenshots.

  10. Color Picker

    Pick a color from an image.

  11. Raw Converter

    Convert your photo from its native RAW format.

  12. Rename

    Rename your image.

  13. Home Page

    Visit the Photoscape homepage.

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  1. In editing and batch editing, you can Frame and decorative edges on your images.
  2. Options vary with each choice.


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