How to improve sales conversion with Comm100 Live Chat

by George | Saturday, Mar 21, 2015 | 246 views

Sales conversion is one of the most important factors to measure the success of online business.  According to the study of Website Magazine, conversion rate of online stores with live chat implemented on their sites rates up to 15 times higher. Then how to improve sales conversion with Comm100 Live Chat?

Provide efficient communication channel
Comm100 Live Chat provides a convenient and effective communication way between visitors and customer service team. When visitors come across a question, they can get access to the support team just by clicking the chat button.  And one agent can handle multiple cases simultaneously, which greatly reduces waiting time and improves customer satisfaction.

Comm100 Live Chat
Monitor visitors in real time
Comm100 Live Chat enables you to track visitors’ navigation history in real time, such as what product they are browsing, how long they have stayed on the page, how many times they have come to your website, etc. You can identify the potential customers and understand their interests based on the above information.  You can also analyze the visitors’ behavior and make your website more user-friendly.

Reach out visitors proactively

Comm100 Live Chat gives you an opportunity to establish relationship with visitors proactively. You can send personal chat invitations to potential customers, such as greetings, product recommendation, etc.  In addition to manual invitation, Comm100 Live Chat offers an intelligent auto invitation engine to identify potential customers and send out chat invitations automatically based on certain rules.  You can configure the rules based on the visitors’ behavior, including time on website, time on current page, current page URL, referrer page URL, etc.  The auto invitation enables you to make use of each sales opportunity efficiently and improve sales conversion effectively.

author bio:

Sophia Myles is a product specialist from Comm100 Live Chat, a leading provider of live chat software for online business.

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