How to Get Started With 3D Animation

Fractal,-Animation-version The best way to make 3d animation is to get your hands on a software program that is specifically made for creating 3d animations. However, there is a lot of software tailored for creating 3d animation. These programs include: Poser, 3d Studio Max, Daz 3d, Bryce, Carrara, Animation Master, Maya, LightWave, Anim8or, 3D Canvas, and Blender. Since there is lots of 3d animation software available, it is important to discover the best one for your current needs and circumstances.



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Write out the details of the 3d animation project you desire to create and the reason you would like to create it. For example, is your project for fun or is it to launch into a career in 3d animating.


Write down the number of hours you would like to complete this project. This is to see whether you want to quickly create your 3d animation or whether it is something you don’t mind spending a long period of time on.


Map out the time you would like to spend on learning how to use the 3d animation software. This is to see whether you want software that is easy to learn and use or if you would not mind using software that is a bit difficult and time consuming to learn.


Research the programs mentioned in the introduction and see which software program would be best for your specific needs in terms of goals, time, and money.


Decide on and acquire the 3d animation software program(s) you would use. Once you decide on the 3d program(s) you would use based on your circumstances, you can then begin following its tutorials on how to make 3d animation.

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  1. Autodesk Maya and NewTek Lightwave are some good paid applications.
  2. 3D Canvas, Anim8or, and Blender are good free applications.


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[notice type=”warning” title=”WARNINGS” tag=”h4″]Don’t fall for buying expensive models online their are lots of sites that offer them for free.[/notice]


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