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How to Create a Free Website

| January 15, 2015

251px-Terras-de-Sicó---website-1 Let’s say you’ve already learned what it takes to create a website, but you’ve decided that you don’t want to pay. Here’s how to go about establishing a website without spending a dime.



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Find a free web host. Choosing a web host is tricky in general. The most important question to ask when you’re choosing a free web host is: how do they make money? If they’re not making money from you, they must be making money from advertisements. What kinds of advertisements do they use?

  1. Email advertisements: Some free hosting companies provide their service by signing your registration account up for email promotions (spam).

  2. Embedded advertisements: Hosting companies using embedded ads will place advertisements on any pages you create using their service.

  3. Referrals: Referral systems require that you refer a certain number of paying customers to the company to receive your hosting for free.

  4. Advertising Partners: Be wary of free hosting companies that require you buy something from another company to get free hosting. If you have to pay for anything you might as well pay for the hosting.


Look for a host with templates ready for use that don’t require any knowledge of HTML but allow you to use custom content if you wish. This will give you time to use the templates and get running quickly while you design your website.


Become your own publicist:

  1. Gain free advertising for your website. Be sure to check the terms of use for your host some may not allow you to place any advertising of your own.

  2. Get leads for your website without resorting to spamming.

  3. Get your website indexed by Google.


Start building content for your website. Don’t change the topic of your writing and make sure it’s interesting. For example most people who randomly stumble across your website probably do not want to know every action your dog makes during an average day.


Put your website on Google, Yahoo, and other search engines. This will increase traffic. Also find other popular websites that are somewhat related to your website’s topic but aren’t necessarily your competition and give them your link. If you have more than one site, link from one to the other.

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  1. Try to get your site submitted to Google, Yahoo or any other major search engine. This will make your site more popular.
  2. Look at the web host’s Frequently Asked Questions which will provide further information on the products and services of the host.
  3. Search for lists of free web hosts and visit them. Read what they can provide for you and choose the best one that fits your needs. For example, if you are planning on uploading lots of pictures and videos, make sure you choose a web host that provides enough hosting space for the files.
  4. Design your website with a free WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) or learn how to create a simple web page from scratch using HTML. You can also search for free templates online.
  5. Use a small, easy website name so people will easily remember it.


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[notice type="warning" title="WARNINGS" tag="h4"]If you have too much web traffic your web host may disable your website for a period of time or require reactivation. If you are planning a website that will generate a lot of traffic free hosting is not for you.[/notice]

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