How to Convert a Microsoft Word Document Into a PDF File with PrimoPDF

Portable Document Format (PDF) is a file format created by Adobe Systems in 1993 for document exchange. It has become a world wide standard but Microsoft software does not allow for the creation of a PDF. Here are several ways to convert a Microsoft Word Document to a PDF. There is no need to buy software to do the conversion.


PrimoPDF converts just about any file type to a PDF, using the print command from the source program the file was created in.



Use the free open source program Open Office Writer to open the Word Document. Click on the PDF button on the options bar to save it as a PDF. The entire Office equivalent suite is available for download free of charge at

If you are creating a new document from scratch that you know you will be creating a PDF of, use the free Open Office writer to create it. Do not use Microsoft Word.
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