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Have you ever faced “blue screen error” for Windows Operating System? .If it`s answer  is “yes ”,then  let you  know that it is the largest experience for all Windows users in the world .When it occurs ,all processes are hanged  and a blue screen appears in the monitor. A writing “A problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer “is seen in the screen. Normally   problematic hardware parts or software causes it. Sometimes it becomes too tough to solve. For this it is called as “blue screen of death”.


There is a probable tactic to find out that this error is hardware related or software related. You can check it by running the PC in safe mode .If computer works as usual in safe mode without crashing, the most likely cause of this is software related. You can solve this by certain process. On the other hand in the safe mode if blue screen problem appears, the most likely cause of blue screen problem is hardware related .An qualified technician can fix it.

Solution for software related problem:

Remove the culprit program: The blue screen error comes from such programs as games or recently installed programs .Best to remove /uninstall these programs, restart the computer and see if the error will still appear. In many cases it`s reason lies in faulty program file or its setting and its solution lies in simple un-installation of these programs. Sometimes it becomes too tough to find out the culprit program.

Clean the registry: Sometimes you can experience very random blue screen errors .The main cause of these errors in registry. The registry is simply a central part of a computer that stores a database of windows configuration and all programs setting. Experiencing blue screen errors is a clear indication of fixing the registry. For this you need a registry cleaner program to clean the faulty programs. You can download it from here .Cleaning process


At the time of PC starting press F8 and select safe mode .Scan the PC with an antivirus, specially the C drive .After then press registry in C cleaner software. Then click “scan for an issue” and “fix selected issue”. After getting a message click “No” .Finally click at “Fixed all issue”.

Dump file: At the time of blue screen error computer is being hanged, it creates dump file .By stopping the creation of dump file the blue screen error can be solved. Stopping process

For Windows Vista and 7

Go to “start” menu then “control panel” .Write “Advanced” in search .Click “View advanced system setting” and click “setting” below from “start up and recovery”. After then drag the right click from “Write an event to the system log” and “Automatically restart” and select “None” from “write debugging information”. At last press “OK”


For Windows XP

Go “my computer” then “properties” then “advanced” and drag the right click from “Automatically restart” select “None” from “write debugging information” under “Start up and recovery”.


Solution for hardware related problem:

Problematic computer parts: Sometimes problematic computer parts or setting cause blue screen errors. So at the time of buying and setting you should be conscious.From here  computer accessories you can buy good ones.

Rising processor temperature: To keep cool the computer processor a fan with heat sink is used. It controls processor temperature .Rising processor temperature may cause blue screen error. You can check it by keeping a table fan towards the processor. If it works without crashing then you will sure that it is for temperature rising. For solution you can open the case cover or use extra fan or change the silica gel used between heat sink and processor.


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I am an engineering student of KUET, working as part time technician in Pixel Computer Service Center and contributing in which contains computer accessories.

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