Free Tutoring With a Free Laptop

by George | Friday, Oct 23, 2015 | 159 views

This site has a tutor called Ivy League. Here are some great info.

Vy League tutor is online tutoring services provider for students eligible for public schools in grades K-12, you can benefit from professional custom, interactive tutoring in math, English, reading and science.

As with any such program, tutoring is not intended as a substitute for Ivy League is an ordinary classroom learning. Instead, it adds a custom attribute to a lot of personal attention than is possible in the classroom, and making it possible for their specific issues relating to the topic to address quickly and efficiently.

Our approach is simple and effective: we provide personal attention to each student, with tutors trained, highly qualified, who know how to match each student with personalized learning program.

Unlike in the classroom, where “one measure for everyone,” machine learning of our research also and standards-based approach to effective learning self-paced. First, the students take assessment tests, to determine the most appropriate to their needs. When the software is delivered in a consistent format, so students should learn and use only one, user friendly interface. Also, at any time, they can view their own progress.

Try the site.
All the information about this lens I copied and pasted to talk abouta laptop with free private lessons.

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