Free Online PDF Converter

Free Online PDF Converter is completely free, web-based software that converts PDF documents into MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint files and also prints PDFs from over 300 Windows document formats.

The tool is very reliable as it delivers converted documents that are identical to original files. Computer users of all levels can use it because it is very easy to manage and no software installation is required. That is why users can use it from any computer that has a descent Internet connection.

Bookmarking the Free Online PDF Converter helps people quickly access the tool and quickly convert their desired document. This is how the tool works:

  • Access the tool’s page via:
  • Choose the type of conversion you would like to perform: PDF to DOC, PDF to XLS, PDF to PPT or to create a PDF, and click on it.


  • Upload your chosen file for conversion.
  • Enter a valid e-mail address, so that direct link to the converted file can be sent.
  • Click “Start” and the conversion process will begin.

It takes a few seconds for the users to receive links to their downloadable converted files. They can do it within 24 hours of using this service, because after this time the tool provider deletes all received information in order to protect users privacy.

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